What is Stem Cell Therapy?

At Pain Care Boise we use your own bone marrow adult stem cells. We harvest your own stem cells with a simple procedure using x-ray guidance from your iliac crest/hip bone. Adult stem cells are oftentimes called mesenchymal stem cells or MSC’s. MSC’s are progenitor cells, meaning they are capable of differentiating into chondrocytes, which can become cartilage; tenocytes, which can become tendon; osteocytes, which can become bone; or myoblasts, which can become muscle. What the MSC’s become is highly dependent upon what cell it is living next to or what cell it is placed next to. In the end the stem cells are the building blocks to repair or replace the defect in the injured area. In addition stem cells secrete many factors to promote growth, angiogenesis (form new blood vessels), reduce inflammation and help prevent rejection (immunosuppression).