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Enspire Or Dekompressor

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This is a percutaneous discectomy for Herniated or Bulging disks that are causing sciatica (low back and leg pain or often referred to as radicular pain). Percutaneous means through the skin or a minimally invasive procedure. Instead of requiring an open invasive surgery that often requires a general anesthetic and cutting through skin, muscle and sometimes bone with stitches to close, the enSpire or dekompressor allows removal of disk material through a needle. These procedures are done in our state-of-the-art outpatient ambulatory surgery center located right here in Pain Care Boise thus, you avoid a hospital stay. These procedures can be done with local anesthetic only or with light sedation, avoiding the risks of a general anesthetic required for most open back surgeries. The needle is placed with x-ray guidance. The enSpire or dekompressor technology allows removal of disk material in a matter of minutes. You will leave the recovery area with only a band-aid.
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