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Vertiflex (Superion)

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Many people with spinal stenosis will assume a bent over positon, such as sitting bent over or when leaning on a grocery cart or a walker, to relieve their symptoms. This slightly bent over position may increase the space in your canal allowing better blood flow to your spinal cord and/or nerve roots. The Vertiflex device is placed between your spinous processes to prevent your spine from extending at the level of the narrowing. This is called an Interspinous Spacer. This is actually not a new concept as there have been other devices tried in the past. However, the Vertiflex device is more easily placed and rarely dislodges, like the old devices did. Vertiflex will help symptoms from narrowing of the central canal, foramen or the subarticular recess.

We will look at your x-ray/MRI to determine if you are a candidate. You can have some minor instability and scoliosis and still do this procedure. However, if you have a shift >25%, instability of >3mm, Cobb angle >10 degrees, kissing spine, osteoporosis, fracture of spinous process, lamina or pars; you are not a good candidate for Vertiflex. The Vertiflex procedure is only done at the lumbar levels, L1-L4. To learn more the Vertiflex procedure visit

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