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This is a percutaneous discectomy for Herniated or Bulging discs that are causing sciatica (low back and leg pain or often referred to as radicular pain). Percutaneous means through the skin or a minimally invasive procedure. Instead of requiring an open invasive surgery that often requires a general anesthetic and cutting through skin, muscle and sometimes bone and stitches to close, the Nucleoplasty procedure ablates the disc material with radiofrequency technology. This creates a cavity or empty space allowing the disc to reabsorb the bulge or herniation. The Nucleoplasty procedure can be done with local anesthetic only or with light sedation, avoiding the risks of a general anesthetic required for most open back surgeries. The probe is placed with x-ray guidance. The Nucleoplasty procedure is done within a matter of minutes as an outpatient in our AAAHC and Medicare certified state-of-the-art outpatient ambulatory surgery center located right here in Pain Care Boise. You will leave the recovery area with only a band-aid.
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