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Back pain is so common that 80% of adults struggle with the problem during their lifetime. One-third of them develop chronic lower back pain, keeping them from doing even the most common daily activities. At Pain Care Boise, William Binegar, MD, and Christopher Vaughan, MD, ease your pain and get you back to the life you love using today’s most advanced interventional and regenerative medicine treatments. If traditional medical care hasn’t helped your back pain, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Connect with online booking or call the office in downtown Boise, Idaho, today.


Back Pain Q&A

Back pain frequently begins with a pulled muscle or muscle pain caused by overuse. You can also suffer back pain if you have any one of these conditions:

  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Facet joint arthritis
  • Failed back surgery syndrome
  • Vertebral compression fractures
  • Vertebrogenic pain (vertebral endplate pain)
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated discs

Of these back problems, the two most common are herniated discs and degenerative disc disease.

Degenerative disc disease is diagnosed when the discs that provide your spine with cushioning and flexibility gradually lose moisture, wear out, and bulge from between the vertebrae. Herniated discs develop when the disc’s outer cover tears or cracks open, allowing the gel-like substance inside the disc to leak out.

Both conditions cause two kinds of back pain. You can have localized pain in your lower back as the damaged discs stop absorbing shock and stabilizing your spine.

You can also suffer from nerve pain. The bulge of a degenerated disc pushes against the spinal nerves, or the leaking gel of a herniated disc irritates the nerves. Both cause inflammation and pain.

Stiffness, difficulty moving, and muscle cramps go hand-in-hand with back pain. When a spinal nerve is pinched, you can also experience tingling and pain that radiate down one or both legs.

In severe cases, a pinched nerve causes numbness, weakness in your foot and leg, and loss of bladder and bowel function. Without treatment, prolonged numbness and weakness can become permanent.

Symptoms like sudden bowel or bladder incontinence, a fever, and severe numbness or weakness are red flags that demand immediate medical care.

When these warning signs appear, the team at Pain Care Boise uses an MRI to rule out rare causes of lower back pain, including infections and tumors.

As specialists in interventional and regenerative medicine, the team at Pain Care Boise offers minimally invasive treatments that reduce nerve inflammation, heal damaged tissues, and stop pain signals from being sent through the spinal nerves.

These are a few examples of the back pain treatments you can receive:

The team does these procedures using real-time imaging provided by ultrasound or fluoroscopy.

Don’t put off getting help for back pain. Book an appointment online today or call Pain Care Boise.

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