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Problems in your sacroiliac joint do more than cause hip pain. They’re a common cause of chronic lower back pain. No matter what problem affects the joint, William Binegar, MD, and Christopher Vaughan, MD, at Pain Care Boise offer advanced sacroiliac treatments that relieve your pain when conservative treatments fail. To learn more about available sacroiliac treatments, call the office in downtown Boise, Idaho, or schedule an appointment using the online booking feature.


Sacroiliac Treatment Q&A

The sacroiliac (SI) joints connect your left and right hip bones to the sacrum, a triangular-shaped bone at the base of your spine. Though most joints in your body enable movement, the sacroiliac joints have a different function.

Your SI joints are supported by strong ligaments that limit movement. These joints are designed to provide stability rather than mobility. When you walk, run, or jump, the SI joints absorb the shock and distribute the force between your upper and lower body.

SI joint pain happens because of sacroiliitis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Sacroiliitis refers to joint inflammation. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction develops when the joint moves too much. Though not as common, dysfunction can also happen when a small amount of the normal movement is restricted.

Both conditions can be caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Ligament sprains
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Scoliosis
  • Prior lumbar fusion surgeries
  • Prolonged lifting or bending
  • Repetitive, high-impact activities like jogging

Women often have SI joint pain when they’re pregnant because the ligaments naturally relax to prepare for the baby’s delivery.

Problems in the SI joints cause pain in your lower back and hip. You might also have groin and pelvic pain or pain that extends into your legs.

Some people develop leg instability, changes in their gait (the way they walk), or pain when going from sitting to standing. You could also feel the pain when you sit or lie on the affected side.

Sacroiliac joint pain is initially treated with NSAIDs, physical therapy, and chiropractic. When these treatments fail, the team at Pain Care Boise can help with advanced interventional treatments and regenerative medicine.

The team has the expertise to diagnose SI problems by listening to your symptoms, completing a physical exam, and reviewing your previous X-rays. They then develop a customized treatment that can include one or more of the following:

  • Steroid injections
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Prolotherapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  • Stem cell injections

The team uses prolotherapy to trigger healing in weak ligaments. You could be a candidate for PRP and stem cell therapy if you have SI joint arthritis. If you still have pain after one of these treatments, your provider might then recommend a minimally invasive procedure that fuses the bones.

The Pain Care Boise team fuses your SI joint using the advanced CornerLoc™ SI Joint Stabilization System. The CornerLoc system uses only two small incisions to insert the CornerLoc grafts. That means you can go home the same day after having the outpatient procedure.

The CornerLoc devices immediately stabilize the joint and create a space for implanting a bone graft. The bone graft promotes growth between the two adjacent bones. Over time, they fuse together.

Before you have this procedure, however, insurance providers require you to meet several criteria. First, you need to have received conservative treatments that failed.

Insurance providers also require that your Pain Care Boise provider rule out other possible causes of the pain. To do this, your provider uses an MRI or CT scan of your lumbar (lower) spine and SI joint and an X-ray of your hip joints.

Prior to your CornerLoc procedure, you need to have two diagnostic injections of a local anesthetic. The anesthetic must improve your SI joint pain by at least 75% to qualify to receive CornerLoc.

If you need relief from SI joint pain or lower back pain caused by SI joint problems, call Pain Care Boise today or book an appointment online.

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