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Recemnt advances in high-resolution Ultrasound (US) imaging present new opportunities in improving hte care of patients with pain due to musculoskeletal and nerve injuries. uS uses sound waves to provide realtime high resolution images of tendons, ligament, muscles, and nerves throughout the body. US allows us to deliver treatments preciesely and safely to the effected tissue. During ultrasound-guided injections, Dr. Binegar and his trained staff can directly visualize the needle passing to the targeted tissue. Direct visualization ensures accurate placement of the medication and offers a greater margin of safety. Smaller needles can be used, omproving patient comfort and potentially reducing risk to the patient. Applicatiosn for ultrasound guided injectios include: 

  • Needle placement into joints for injection
  • Injection into tendon sheats and bursa
  • Aspiration and injection of ganglion cysts
  • Diagnostic or therapeutic nerve blocks, including carpal tunnel syndrome

Traditionally many doctors still do the above-mentioned joint/verve blocks with what is referred to as a blind or landmark technique. With US, we are able to see the structure and therefore the possibility of helping relieve your pain are greatly enhanced. 

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